Vital & Clean with a Caribbean Twist


Caribbean Vegan Diner in the Heart of Dalston
About us

Calling all Hackney Vegans

Introducing a new entrant to the Hackney Vegan landscape. All Nations Vegan House provides a selection of Caribbean fare in a casual dining atmosphere to the local vegan eating scene.
All Nations ethos is built on providing healthy, nutritious, no fuss meals. All Nations is open Monday to Saturday between 12noon and 9pm serving an all day menu covering lunch, weekend brunch, dinner and is equally convenient for grazers.
A take-away service is available

Chef Atrika

For over ten years, Chef Atrika has been preparing healthy Vegan dishes with a Caribbean twist.
Using Caribbean staples, herbs and spices and creating a menu that is frequently changed and includes daily specials.
Cooking with love is Chef Atrika’s philosophy as testified by her many fans.

Vegan Cuisine with a Caribbean Twist

In Jamaica veganism was spearheaded by the Rastafari community in the 60’s and 70’s and was known as Ital food.
All Nations Caribbean believes that Ital cooking is a vital cornerstone for vitality, longevity and good health.
With the increase in interest in veganism and clean eating, the benefits of a plant based diet, All Nations hopes to introduce a selection of Caribbean vegetables, herbs and spices to the palate of local diners.