Light Summer Eating – The Caribbean Vegan Kitchen

Eating during the summer months when the weather is warm and we are at our social best, meeting friends for picnics, summer garden parties and all manner of alfresco dining demands a grazing mindset where we are able to dip and pick at an array of delectible vegan delights.

At All Nations Vegan House we make summer eating fun with our weekly changing menu produced around a ‘tapas’ selection of fresh, homemade dishes.

You can expect to sample Caribbean vegetable staples cooked with traditional Caribbean spices alongside other globally recognised vegetables with a Caribbean twist.  A range of salads, pulses and grains is always available together with a range of healthy desserts and beverages.

If you are new to veganism the sampling menu will allow you to gain an insight into how delicious, varied and nutritious vegan eating can be.

All Nations Vegan House has a relaxed cafe style vibe with a separate basement events space and welcomes locals, visitors and parties.


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